Month: August 2017

Bullet Journal: Help You Plan Your Life

Last month, I came across a video by Ryder Carrol that detailed a day planning system called Bullet Journaling.  With just that one video, I realized excitedly that this is exactly what I have needed in my life.  Years ago I used to be religious in scheduling my life with a Day Runner planner. But, Read More

Education Should Be Free

In the attached video I visit Southwestern College in Chula Vista, CA. As I walk around the campus I cannot deny my opinion that education should be free. Nowadays a degree is not an achievement or proof of learning and mastery of a particular subject. It is a product to be purchased. It is a badge Read More

On the beach priorities

San Diego has had the strangest summer weather this year.  I barely got to the beach even though I am so close.  I think this says a lot about my current state of mind.  I have not been in touch with nature as I have been focusing on working on my writing.  I always say Read More

My Tea Meditation

I think that the way that you start your day is very important.  If you are resonating on a positive frequency than the rest of your day will move in a positive way.  If you are not, then the likelihood of your day going well is very low.  I try to wake up while it is Read More

My Sansar Second Life Genesis Season Espisode 2

Lisa Lorraine Bowen Read More