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My Tea Meditation

I think that the way that you start your day is very important.  If you are resonating on a positive frequency than the rest of your day will move in a positive way.  If you are not, then the likelihood of your day going well is very low.  I try to wake up while it is Read More

Secrets to Whiter Teeth

Image courtesy of marin at In America, we are a society that is obsessed with teeth.  From our childhood, we are concerned with protecting our teeth from cavities, getting braces, and most specifically keeping them white.  As we age, our teeth lose their luster because of stains from food, drinks, and even some mouthwashes.  Most Read More

8 Cancer Causing Foods

Cancer is definitely on the rise with over 1 million people being diagnosed with some type of cancer in 2014. We all know the saying “you are what you eat”, this should seriously be considered as our diets are composed of different types of food and we eat them all in different amounts. Each food Read More

How to Cleanse and Detox your body naturally

Your body needs a detox if you experience any of the following: 1). Bloated or clogged feeling.2). Extra water weight around abs.3). Intense cravings for a soda or something sweet. Here are 4 great fruit infused waters you can make at home that will help to cleanse your system naturally. They work also to hydrate Read More